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How to Convert AMR to MP3?

upload any amr file


Upload any AMR file

Visit to browse and load any AMR file to convert. You can select multiple AMR files as well.

convert amr to mp3


Convert AMR to MP3

Once the files are loaded, select MP3 as a preferred format, and click on the “Convert” button.

download the mp3 file


Download the MP3 file

After completing the process, you can click on the “Download” button to save the converted MP3 files offline.

Why Choose

free and user-friendly

Free and User-friendly

Anyone can use without any technical hassle. It is also freely available and won’t display any ads.

fast and hq results

Fast and HQ Results supports an ultra-fast conversion process. You can even perform batch conversion and get high-quality results.

free and user friendly

Universal Compatibility

Since is an online tool, you can use it on any device, OS, or browser with an active internet connection.

What is an AMR file?

AMR, which stands for Adaptive Multi Rate, is a narrowband audio codec technique. It is an open compression format, which was first released in 2017. Some popular media players that support the AMR format are VLC, QuickTime, and Groove Player.

What is an MP3 file?

MP3 is a part of the Moving Picture Experts Group and is denoted for its Layer III compression technique. It was developed in 1991 and follows a lossy compression that can minimize the size of your media files substantially. It is an open audio format.


How to convert AMR to MP3 online?

You can simply use the online MP3 converter on any browser. Load your AMR files, select MP3 as the target format, and convert your files.

Will my data be lost during the conversion?

No – if you are using a reliable MP3 converter (like, then the quality of your files will be retained.

Is it possible to convert AMR to MP3 for free?

Yes – you can convert AMR to MP3 for free using, which is a popular online media converting tool.

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