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How to Convert MPEG to M4A?

load mpeg files


Load MPEG files

Start by visiting and load MPEG files from your system by clicking on the “Choose Files” button.

convert mpeg to m4a


Convert MPEG to M4A

Select M4A as a preferred format after loading your MPEG files and click on the “Convert” button.

save your m4a files


Save your M4A files

Lastly, just click on the “Download” button to save your M4A files on your system.

Why Choose

free (no ads)

Free (No Ads) is a freely available online tool that doesn’t display unwanted ads or pop-ups.

batch conversion

Batch Conversion

Load multiple media files on and process them in one go. It also supports unlimited media conversion.

premium results

Premium Results will preserve the quality of your files and yield premium results each time.

What is a MPEG file?

Released in 1998, MPEG is the most popular video format, which is regulated by the Moving Picture Experts Group. The MPEG format can encode video, audio, and text streams in a single file. It is supported by almost every major video player like VLC, Windows Media Player, Real Player, and many more.

What is an M4A file?

The MPEG-4 (M4A) format is an audio container that follows either the Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) codec or the Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC). It is the default format for audio files that are downloaded from the iTunes Store and is supported by every major media player.


How to convert MPEG to M4A online?

To convert MPEG to M4A online, just head to Here, you can load your MPEG files and select M4A as a target format.

Which is the best M4A converter? is the best M4A converter tool, which is available for free and can be accessed online.

Will my data be lost during the conversion?

While the audio stream of your MPEG file will be converted to the M4A format, its video stream will be lost.

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